Captain Eureka

by ABC Galaxy

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ABC Galaxy's brand-new publication is entitled "Captain Eureka," a phrase with special resonance for some US listeners. It suggests the comedic sci-fi television series of several years ago, "Eureka." Far off, in the Pacific Northwest, a town of that name was supposedly used to develop the best tech projects by the nation's finest thinkers. The head of the town's recycling program, Chuck, allegedly had an alter ego: "Captain Eureka." His success, was minimal, however; big plans for an "epic" future often went terribly wrong.

Roman Skarednov – our author - has been happy in the past to refer to his "nostalgic soundtracks for an anxious childhood." Adult, forward-looking fantasies don't always go according to plan; heaven only knows what lies ahead. It's also fairly common to see the work of ABC Galaxy associated with the soundtrack to "GTA: Vice City," released over a decade ago. The same youthful memories are then mixed "in an '80s style."

The further back in time we go, the better everything looks.

"Captain Eureka" embodies a similarly tentative view of the future. Its author speaks of "operating on the [thin] line between dance music and a rock aesthetic. Actually, I am trying to erase that line altogether." Sounds of civic protest and hedonistic, social faith on a dancefloor try to remove the "anxious" differences between themselves. For this reason, Skarednov calls the new album "something of an experiment. 'Captain Eureka' is an attempt to combine motifs of euphoria, pleasure, panic, and horror." Anything is hopefully possible.

The gentleman behind ABC Galaxy is even willing to draw some parallels "with the current [and equally worrying] economic state in Russia. You'll find some nods towards talk of 'the Red Cosmos,' but they're only used with irony." Those "cosmic" aspirations likewise proved to be frustrating.

Roman Skarednov finds it impossible to discuss forthcoming events with any optimistic, "progressive" turn of phrase.

"The new LP contains my impressions about various possible and/or desirable futures." Likelihood and desire often diverge. In a word, the discrepancy between them leads to what ABC Galaxy calls "hyper-pop. It's a style with a number of connections to hyperbole in Russian literature." The refusal of reality to behave as it should leads to an accelerated, louder turn of phrase. "There are plenty of links between the tracks. Searching for them allows listeners to become their own 'Captain Eureka'" - for whom dreams may be more important than actual, manageable deeds.


released April 29, 2014



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Far from Moscow Los Angeles, California

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