Flying in Dreams and Daylight

by Zimne

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Полеты во сне и на виду

Zimne is/are a Siberian duo from the city of Novosibirsk: Anton Kremarenko and vocalist Natasha Shilova. Last year the twosome published a wonderful trip-hop album called "Signals from a Hospice." It was framed with the following phrasing in Russian: "Using metaphorical, often cosmic elements, these songs touch upon the relationship between earthly bodies - in various physical conditions." Human experience only makes sense when abstracted to the hushed, isolated realms of somewhere "cosmic." Life only makes sense when viewed from a distance.

Even French bloggers discerned evident or evocative "reflections on love, abandonment, loneliness, and hope." The opening tracks of that debut Zimne album certainly called upon the imagery or "light of an unknown star," plus the broader issue of life "beyond the gravitational pull" of our own planet. The fluid gestures of weightlessness in space were juxtaposed with the aimlessness/pointlessness of visual imagery in the modern world. One lack of direction replaced another. "The screens are full of advertisements... I've no idea what they mean. Dark shadows; dreams sketched by our telephones. Don't wake me, I'm not sleeping. Don't call; I'm not angry. Don't write - just let me exist..."

In many of the Zimne songs, both then and now, a sense of homelessness in earthly, quotidian experience sometimes becomes so pronounced that a departure (real or otherwise) to outer space provides a greater purpose. That sentiment is recognizable to many audience members in Russia. Here's one enthusiastic and representative remark:

"I fell in love with Zimne from the very first track. This is genuinely heartfelt, tender, even magical music. It's a real shock to the emotional system! The songs give me goosebumps and I've listened to everything in a single sitting. Zimne are the best band I've heard of late among Russian-language performers... I'd like to thank you for what you're doing. I wish you both personal and professional success, so you can bring people happiness with your music for a long, long time. Thank you."


released May 24, 2014



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Far from Moscow Los Angeles, California

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