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Far from Moscow Records, Los Angeles


One of the longest-standing acquaintances on FFM has been with the multiple projects of Moscow's Dmitry Peitsch, who––one year ago––wrote to us regarding their standing at the time. Although all of his outfits remained active (Motherfathers, UDAR, Iad, and Ninja Glam), the situation with live shows was increasingly complex. "In one sense, things are a little better [in 2015], because many clubs that ignored independent music have now shown some interest in younger outfits. It seems like a generational change has taken place, and young faces have replaced the old art directors." But then the financial crisis happened. Russia's involvement in Ukraine was followed by international sanctions and the collapse of the ruble. Charity becomes more important than business plans.

Mr. Peitsch has just posted a request on behalf of the post-rock outfit Silence Kit. Their drummer––Sergei Bolotin––is currently very ill and asking for help with hospital costs, despite playing simultaneously in other bands, such as JARS and S3P. Other kinds of demise are evident. One of the most recent Ninja Glam shows was in a self-proclaimed "dive bar" in the capital––Klub Dich. It boasts "an authentic atmosphere, cheap prices, and a wide musical range." Authenticity has moved towards austerity; this club has even declared itself dead in the past, only to return with little funds and much effort. Tellingly, Dich has sometimes referred to itself as Moscow's CBGB, thus plugging into a punk heritage from distant shores. Hard financial times are likely to produce another generation of protest songs or––at the very least––an embrace of noise, pure and simple.


Ninja Glam стартовал в 2008 году как анонимный электронный сайд-проект вокалиста/гитариста группы Motherfathers Дмитрия Пейча. В следующем году группа переместилась из интернета на улицы, начала активно концертировать, а состав расширился до дуэта с приходом Макса Елизарова из тех же Motherfathers.

Группа принимала участие в международном фестивале "Шум и Ярость" в КЦ Дом, целом ряде подпольных рейвов в "Мосхаосе" (Москва), "Овощебазе" (Солнечногорск), проекте "Платформа" (Москва/Винзавод), в Московском Музее Современного Искусства в рамках акции "Ночь в Музее", выступала совместно с Whourkr, Igorrr, Henri Claudel/Mother Ganga и многими другими замечательными отечественными и зарубежными коллективами. На счету группы 6 сетевых релизов, среди которых саундтрек к видеоинсталляции Евгения Гранильщикова "Naturmorti".

Звучание группы неоднократно менялось: от экстремальной деконструктивистской шутки на тему электронной музыки через электро и минималистские биты к абстрактному хип-хопу и экспериментальному трэпу нынешнего состава.


released March 21, 2016

“Far from Moscow” is a resource designed to promote, catalog, and consider new music from Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus, together with the Baltic nations (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia). In total, that’s ten time zones!

Our resource is named after a famous Soviet novel, celebrating the heroic efforts of Siberian oil workers during World War Two, an awfully long way from comfort or safety. We aim to support a similar, far-flung diligence on the “cultural front” today.

The site is administered and edited by David MacFadyen (dmacfady@humnet.ucla.edu); it is hosted by the Depts of Comparative Literature and Musicology at the University of California, Los Angeles.

We welcome contributions from all genres, locations, and traditions. Please contact us with media or ideas, and we’ll do all we can to help!



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