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Marble Boy are a duo from the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv: Anton Shatokhin and the enigmatically named Ma De (aka Masha). Kharkiv is a major industrial location, reflecting in its scale the grand, sweeping vistas of Soviet aspiration. Today it is home to a couple of friends who first came together in a dusty basement, where they happened to discover a drum kit. Armed with nothing more than makeshift percussion and an acoustic guitar, private emotion started to sound forth.

Matters have now come to include various keyboards, plugs, and sockets, but the spontaneity of semi-acoustic performance remains vital. Tales of love need to be mobile amid the imposing shapes of socialist monumentalism – both yesterday and today.

Anton and Masha often turn to the issue of private destiny – and the increasing sense of some ubiquitous burden. Local history has not fostered an especially strong impression of self-determination. One of Marble Boy’s compositions even begins: "You thought you've been talking to the gods, but they're not smiling.”

On a slightly more serious note, Masha then adds: “We can always wish for everything… because so much is lacking here. We’ve not got enough money, love, or harmony in our lives. There’s genuine stress everywhere. So everybody should just imagine life the way they’d like it to be. Let’s allow people to have what they want” - at least in fantasy. Very big hopes sound forth from a tiny underground location.

Thus far, Marble Boy have played at the Kharkiv Jazz Festival (2011), the Euro 2012 Football Championships, the O.LIVE TV show (via Russia's A1 Alternative Music Channel), and – coming full circle - the prestigious Koketbel Jazz Festival in 2014.


Группа Marble boy была основана в 2011 году в Харькове. Их дебютное выступление на Kharkov Zajazz Fest сразу привлекло внимание публики. Музыка Marble boy состоит в основном из клавиш, ударных и вокала. Их музыкальный жанр можно определить как alternative piano rock.

За свою 3-х летнюю карьеру ребята успели записать программу для O.LIVE, участвовали в украинско-польском международном музыкальном фестивале 2013 и ежегодном фестивале Koktebel Jazz Fest 2014, и выпустили сингл «Notion» в октябре 2013 года.

Но то, что по-настоящему отличает музыку Marble boy и является визитной карточкой группы - это чистая, глубокая, неповторимая атмосфера, которую участники этой группы творят на своих живых выступлениях.


released April 21, 2014



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Far from Moscow Los Angeles, California

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