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The St. Petersburg band known as Shortparis has composed an intriguing timeline on Vkontakte. Put simply, the group not only documents its past, as might be expected, but also speaks with confidence of its very distant future. In English, that same trajectory might read as follows: "Shortparis was initially formed in 2012 with a penchant for experimentation. The musicians took part in the avant-garde festival SKIF in 2013... The group still sees itself in opposition to today's music scene. Having overcome any feelings of solitude or isolation, however, Shortparis are now dedicated to a number of unique musical and/or artistic projects." Such rhetoric may seem standard in a PR release or potted bio, but matters take an unexpected and ironic turn. A closing sentence seemingly comes from the year 2021 - if not later. "The group was disbanded in the autumn of 2020, once Shortparis' members had attained full self-realization within their music. The performers took a collective decision to dedicate themselves to farming..."

Apparently the road from urban self-realization to rural retreat is not only well trodden; it's also inevitable.


Основан в 2012 г.
Музыкально ориентирован на эксперимент.
Участник международного фестиваля авангардного искусства С.К.И.Ф.2013.

декарбь 2012 - сингл "Amsterdam";
апрель 2013 - дебютный альбом "Дочери";
июль 2013 - "B-sides. Дочери."

Коллектив ощущает себя в оппозиции к современной музыкальной cцене. Переживая свое одиночество, нацелен на поиск самобытных музыкальных и художественных решений.
Коллектив распущен осенью 2020 года, когда полностью реализовавшиеся в музыке участники решили целиком посвятить себя фермерству.


released March 21, 2015



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Far from Moscow Los Angeles, California

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