Partly Broken

by Art Electronix

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This is a brand-new Art Electronix EP, "Partly Broken" (FFM6). Katya and Zhenya have looked back with fondness at their youthful acquisition of bootlegged Western recordings on cheap audio cassettes. The levels of distortion caused by lo-fi media "left an indelible impression on our youthful consciousness." To this tinny, troubled sound-range we can then add the duo's first compositional tools. Our artists beagn composing on an Akai S3000XL. Now almost two decades old, the S3000XL was once considered a high-end purchase. Its charm now, however, is its age... and related deficiency. It might now be considered an ailing antique - and loved as such, too.

The Akai S3000XL has a general tendency to break down. "Our tools have never really been in an ideal state. Early on, we were constantly hounded by mishap and never able to get the perfect sounds we sought. Things changed, however, when we started using our instruments in their given condition - despite their technical failings." The noise of failure became something to celebrate; it was honest, homegrown, and consoling. A new point of departure, perhaps. "Our work is an endless overcoming of difficulties. Problems here are like plants that keep pushing up through the asphalt!"


released April 24, 2014



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Far from Moscow Los Angeles, California

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