Shanticore Middlerings

by Brinstaar

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Not long ago, some intriguing discussions were conducted in the Russian press about what's needed to launch a modern Russian record label - and who might undertake such a thankless task. Some of the examples and stories therein related to Moscow's Kota Records - founded by Brinstaar. In essence this project arose from a dissatisfaction with the status quo. "Everybody hates it when a sales person in a music store refuses to answer your questions, overcharges you, or is just plain rude. In the music industry that kind of thing happens all the time. People will refuse a demo tape, for example, or they'll not answer you letters. Some folks refuse to do anything at all! Everybody in the industry considers themselves to be so important: they only think about themselves."

"We still don't understand why folks act that way. It's so cool to hang out with musicians and listen to their material, in order to find strange or really 'raw' sounds. Whatever you discover, there's always something to talk about. And surely that's how any industry develops, all around the globe. OK, you might be really busy. Maybe you don't have the time to discover something new - or to investigate a composition thoroughly. But so what? If you don't want to do that, then what the hell are you doing here?"

This fleeting reference to strangeness is key. It lies at the very heart of Kota Records. "We may have declared ourselves 'avant garde,' but in reality things are much less clearly defined. In a word, we publish music that can conjure images before your eyes, alter your heart rate, and even change your future plans. That's the kind of material we find interesting."


released June 23, 2014



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Far from Moscow Los Angeles, California

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