The Self Detection EP

by Ned Hoper

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Ned Hoper (St. Petersburg, Russia): "Together, the musicians spend most of their time in the studio, making special sound effects for both feature films and TV series. The resulting instrumentals [emerging from those effects] are unusual and extremely varied. When on stage, the band members employ all kinds of devices: synths, guitars, vocoders, and even a theremin! Nonetheless, you wouldn't call this mere noise - it's a sound that balances between 'retro' and something ultramodern."

Linear narratives and intentions give way to wandering, wayward designs.

Everything's balanced in between what was and what might be, between a fixed past and open-ended future. All in all, This band's self-statements become a consideration of potentials (both lost and sought) that are conducted in the confines of a studio, yet inspired by the silver screen. The intricacy of any resulting structures is no surprise, since what we hear is the work of "home-studio loners," as Ned Hoper put(s) it. Fantasy grows more swiftly from within narrow confines.

As one can surmise even from these brief notes, Hoper is a figure who (or collective that) values fantasy over fact - and change over stasis. The more that viewpoint is exercised or elaborated upon, the less we see a concrete individual. Activity overshadows identity.


released April 29, 2014



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Far from Moscow Los Angeles, California

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